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A look at 2019 for Caron Construction!

THE NEW YEAR IS HERE! Here's a look at our top photos of 2019

Remodeling trends this year in Murrieta, Temecula and neighboring cities:
CLEAN AND BRIGHT - Remodelers are leaning towards a cleaner, brighter look. They are using light-colored tiles and countertops to keep a refreshing feeling.PATTERNS - Remodelers chose at least one tile with a unique pattern or layout to create interest in their new space.BOLD FIXTURES - Remodelers chose plumbing, lighting, and other wall fixtures that made a statement with color or design to add some warmth to their clean designs. Come work with us in the new year to design the space of your dreams! Whether you've already received an estimate from us, or you're just beginning your remodeling journey, we're excited to begin building your vision!

More from these projects...

Caron Constructions Project of the Month

Caron Construction's project of the month is this luxe bathroom complete with eye-catching lighting and tile. Our customer's said they wanted a very clean look. Here's a look at how they achieved that.                                                                                                                                                          They were drawn to Emser's Swiss Gauli tile for it's clean pattern and bright white, polished finish. They chose jumbo tiles to minimize the grout lines. Using a jumbo tile will expand your space and create a more seamless look. They worked with our installers to match up patterns and mimic the look of a complete slab. Minimal grout lines and a polished finish also make cleaning a breeze!                                                                                                                                                                    To keep the look "luxey" they upped the shine by adding a s…