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Begin Your Remodel with 5 Easy Steps

Beginning a remodel is no easy feat. From choosing what needs to be updated, selecting a contractor, to finding your design, the process can seem long and intimidating. Our team has come up with 5 easy steps to follow to help you stay on track, and complete your remodel as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

1: Create a Remodel File

It is a MUST to have a notebook, folder, or file in your phone with all  thoughts, questions, answers, and ideas pertaining to your remodel. As you collect more information, you'll want it all accessible in one specific area. The more organized you are, the smoother the process. Create a section for questions and answers, inspirational pictures and ideas, costs, and general notes about your progress and status. 

2: Consider Your Space

Consider the space that you want to change, and ask yourself what it is you dislike about it. What are the things you really want to change? Is it outdated? Are the colors wrong? Is the layout incorrect? Too small, too big? Do you have a different style? Are certain things non-functional? Does it work for your life-style? Narrowing down the specifics about your dislikes will help you generate ideas on what you need done, and help you avoid unnecessary costs. 

3: Find Your Style

Possibly one of the most difficult parts of the remodeling process is finding your style. That's because most people aren't any one style completely, often times people are a transitional mix of two or more. The easiest way to find your style is to utilize the internet to collect inspirational pictures. Once you've done this, you can find the commonalities in each picture. What colors do they have in common? Materials? Patterns? Shapes? Finishes? This will help you to inform your estimators with exactly what look you're going for. Once you've done this, you should begin researching materials.

4. Research

Before going into a showroom and choosing materials, you'll want to do a good amount of research to find which will work for you and your lifestyle. Are you a fan of quick cleanups and minimal maintenance? Stay away from wood floors and natural stone. Researching the pros and cons of all different options will help. Showroom representatives should be able to answer most of your questions about how to find materials to suit you, don't be afraid to call and ask. You will also want to research contractors before calling to collect estimates. Take note of reviews, their website maintenance, and general feel of the contracting team before deciding to give them a call. When you've selected who you want to collect bids from, you're ready to begin the next step.

5. Collect and Compare

Once you've completed all above steps, you should have a strong idea of what to ask of your estimator. Give your estimators as much information about your project as possible. This will decrease the chances of surprise costs and extra work later. It is always a good idea to give your estimators pictures of your desired look as well. Any good contracting team will appreciate learning a bit more about your project before scheduling someone to come take a look. While price is important, it shouldn't be the only determining factor in your decision. Take note of how well the team seems to fit your project. Do you imagine yourself being able to work with them for a few weeks? Always 'go with your gut' on these decisions. Make sure you are open and honest with your contracting team, and that you feel you are receiving the same. 

When choosing to have someone work within one of the most intimate areas of your lives, the task can quickly become daunting. We hope this guide can relieve some of the stressors associated with beginning a remodel. 

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